Engage Therapy - Rehabilitation Services in Victoria, BC


We often take breathing for granted until it becomes challenging and affects our daily lives.

At Engage Therapy, our respiratory therapist provides a variety of services to improve one’s pulmonary (lung) function including education relating to breathing and equipment, oxygen assessments, and ventilator management.


Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Our respiratory therapist provides support with breathing exercises and techniques to improve one’s lung function and ability to take part in everyday activities.

Respiratory Equipment, Medication and Inhaler Education

Our respiratory therapist provides much needed support and education after an individual receives prescribed equipment, medication and/or inhalers. Proper self-management of these devices for one’s respiratory diagnosis can enhance confidence and participation during the day to day routine.

Oxygen Assessment

Our respiratory therapist completes clinical assessment using pulse oximetry to ensure you are prescribed the correct oxygen therapy and devices.

Ventilator Management

Assessment and continued monitoring of ventilator equipment, including development of care plans and training of caregivers.

Secretion Management

Assessment and recommendations for secretion management including suction equipment initiation, training and follow-up.

Artificial Airway Management

Management of artificial airways including training, education and monthly tracheal tube changes.

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