Engage Therapy - Rehabilitation Services in Victoria, BC


Working at a care facility is often both physically and mentally demanding. Serious injuries can occur when dealing with various equipment and providing care to residents. This may result in a lack of efficient staff and affect the quality of care overall.

At Engage Therapy, our clinicians deliver a variety of educational sessions to promote physical function of both staff and residents within care facilities, including Long Term Care.

We also offer a lunch and learn: during all educational sessions we can provide delicious Latin American food from a local caterer based in Victoria. Upon booking inquiry please indicate if you are interested in this optional add-on.


Musculoskeletal Injury Prevention: Lifts and Transfers

A hands-on education session for caregivers, care aides and nursing staff to review pre-standing checklists, STABLE postures during manual lifts/transfers of clients and bed mobility positioning.

Mechanical Lifts and Slings

Catered to long term care facility staff including caregivers, care aides and nursing staff to review mechanical lift use/maintenance, proper sling use and safe client handling.

ROHO mattress and cushion calibration

Catered to long term care facility staff and caregivers for prevention of pressure injuries in their resident population.

Living with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)

Our respiratory therapist provides education focused on building self management techniques to improve lung function, reduce symptoms and enhance quality of life.

Smoking Cessation

Our respiratory therapist hosts education on techniques and treatment for the process of quitting smoking.

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